Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy is beneficial to restore movement, strength, and flexibility through the use of heat, buoyancy, and resistance. It aims to rehabilitate clients after injury or those who suffer from chronic pain. It facilitates this by reducing the amount of weight placed on the joints by exercise in the water. It is also extremely beneficial for patients who can not tolerate land-based activities after having surgery to repair parts of the body affected by work or auto injuries.


  • Water limits joint impact and enhances joint stability
  • Isokinetic resistance of water helps tone muscles and improve abdominal/core strength
  • Faster progress with less pain and increased stamina
  • Hydrostatic pressure decreases edema or swelling
  • Water’s therapeutic benefits help free gravity’s pull, facilitating quicker rehabilitation post injury or post-surgery.
  • The support water provides takes the weight off the spine and allows it to be moved in ways impossible on land
  • Water’s buoyancy allows easier movement with decreased trauma on the joints and spine
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