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Sprains and Strains

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sprains and strains

Sprains and Strains services offered in Mesquite, Plano and Grapevine, TX

Aching pain after an auto accident is a telltale sign of a muscle sprain or strain. At Liberty HealthCare in Grapevine, Mesquite, and Plano, Texas, Bryan Weddle, DC, and Janet Strait, FNP-BC, can create an individualized rehabilitation plan that addresses your pain and restores full function to your damaged muscles. Call the nearest clinic today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about muscle sprains.

What are muscle sprains?

A muscle sprain is a tear in the tissue that allows your body movement. Tears can develop in the muscle or the tendons that connect the muscles to your bones. Strains, which cause muscles to overextend without tearing, can also cause pain from an auto injury. Diagnosing sprains and strains allows Liberty HealthCare to tailor your treatment to meet your needs.

What are the signs of muscle sprains?

Muscle sprains aren’t always apparent immediately after an auto accident or work-related injury. Once inflammation develops in the tissues, your muscles may feel tender and sore.

Common signs of muscle sprains may include:

  • Pain
  • Tenderness
  • Limited range of motion
  • Redness
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Reduced mobility

Addressing a sprain is essential to prevent complications like scar tissue. The experienced practitioners at Liberty HealthCare can diagnose and treat your condition to accelerate your recovery.

What causes muscle sprains and strains?

Muscle sprains can result from repetitive movements, but auto accidents and work-related injuries can also cause pain. Direct impact from a collision, fall, or strain from lifting a heavy object might result in muscle tears.

How are muscle sprains diagnosed?

Diagnosing a muscle sprain requires a thorough physical exam. First, your provider reviews your medical history and asks questions about your injury. They may ask whether certain movements increase your pain and compile a list of at-home treatments you’ve tried to minimize discomfort. 

Next, your provider manipulates your tissues and joints to locate your exact area of pain. To gather additional information, they may order X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), or bloodwork.

What are the treatments for muscle sprains and strains?

Liberty HealthCare takes a multifaceted approach to treating muscle sprains that strive to alleviate pain and improve function in your injured tissues. The providers create individualized treatment plans to support each patient’s recovery. Treatments for muscle sprains may include:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Massage therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Spinal injections
  • Rehabilitative exercises

As you navigate your recovery, your provider may adjust your treatment plan to provide you with lasting relief from pain. 

Call Liberty HealthCare today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about muscle sprains.